Saturday, June 23, 2012

June swap recap

It was sold out. It was abundantly brimming with another very large array (OK, not really that Very Large Array, but I do always think of the New Mexico satellite complex when I hear that phrase) of eye and mouth candy. The June swap was not to be missed. Just in case, here it is in all its photographic glory.

Watermelon Aqua Frescas for the potluck

Quinoa Salad was a potluck theme this time

More potlucking

Getting set up

Sampling and placing bids

It's bidding time!

The bidding continues

More bidding activity

Followed by the star attractions...the swap goods themselves!

St. John Chutney by Stephen

Empanadas by Ariel

Lychee Ceviche & Chocolate Chipotle Avocado Mousse by Olga & Jim

Lemon Bundt Cake by Ken

Organic Gravenstein Applesauce by Mandy

Sorrel & Arugula Pesto and Wild Mushroom Relish by Christina

Fresh Eggs by Najib

Tea Cookies by Angela

Jill's Veggie Ferments

Stephanie's Salsa Verde & Black Bean Dip Duos

Meredyth's Granolas

Limoncello by Kelly (photo by me)

Candied Citrus Peel by Lea (photo by me)

Peppermint Panda Cookies by Emily (photo by me)

Spring Tonic Concentrate & Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes by Vanessa  (photo by me)

Apricot Jam & Cherry Preserves Duo by Christina

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Biscotti

Candied Kumquats & Olive Salad by me

Curry Pickle Slices, Pickled Ginger Peaches & Olive Salad by me

There are a couple things missing from our gallery (apologies!) as usual. They are the divine Chocolate Covered Caramels by J.K. and colorfully zesty Pickled Onions by Lea. Am I missing anyone else? As always, if you have photos from the swap, please send them to me or post them on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Vanessa once again for the majority of the photos. The rest of her shots can be seen here, and I have a set here. Also, check out Emily's awesome blog post telling the story of all her trades.

Look forward to doing it all again in August. Tentative date for the next swap is Sunday, August 5th  we'll confirm and announce as soon as we can.

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