About SF Swappers

SF Swappers is an ongoing San Francisco-based food swap and social gathering. Founded in 2011 by Aimée Goggins and Chef Stephanie, our mission is to provide an opportunity for home cooks to share food they enjoy creating with a community of like-minded food lovers. We welcome bakers, canners, picklers, distillers, home cooks and everyone passionate about making and sharing food, and we encourage supporting our local food systems and sustainability whenever possible. Our food swaps take place every other month, and include getting to know your fellow San Francisco food makers and the opportunity to swap your homemade items with others.

SF Swapper hosts Aimée (left) & Stephanie (right) with Kate Payne of HGGH

See more on how we got started here.

For more information:
Twitter: @SFSwappers
For questions or to sign up for our mailing list: sfswappers@gmail.com