Friday, September 11, 2015

Swap recap: summertime eatin'

With our next swap coming up on October 1st, seemed high time to get up a recap post on our last July.

Not surprisingly, we had a lot of BBQ and hot sauces, a variety of things to scoop them up with, plus plenty of other summertime treats mixed in. Margarita mix, anyone?

Take your pick, BBQ 3x by Kelly

Bourbon BBQ by Stephanie

Jalapeño hot (!) sauce by Hima

Apricot Lime Margarita Mix by Kari

A trio of toppings with focaccia by Sole

Sweet-and-sour red onion jam and blueberry cinnamon shrub by Aimée

Curtido (fermented red cabbage relish) by Erin

Pickled lemons, orange confit and more by Yael

Shrimp chicken rolls by Dee

Apricot jalapeño savory jam by Erin

Apricot almond protein balls by Kari

Savory salmon & cream cheese madeleines by J.K.

Beautiful bread loaves by J.K.

Delectable truffles by Becky

Fig newtons and seed bread by Molly

Collecting bids

Cheese penny crackers by Kate

Lavender shortbread and lemon rosemary shortbread by Deanna

Fennel and other flavored salts by Yosh

Hibiscus syrup by Tina

Swappers preparing their stations

Socializin' during the potluck

Here's a what I came with vs. what I left with shot

Can't wait to do it all over again!

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