Sunday, July 29, 2012

Swapper Profile: Herb Williams + Quick Salsa Recipe

I am thrilled to have the chance to present another swapper profile so soon, and to introduce Herb Williams. Herb made his first appearance at the December holiday swap, where he wowed everyone with his knockout pulled pork, zesty salsa and savory pasta sauce. Since he was gracious enough to swap one of his few and coveted pulled pork servings for a small jar of my mustard, I can attest to the slow-cooked pork's phenomenal flavor. He also made a splash at the April anniversary swap, reinforcing his moniker as "the Pulled Pork Guy". And I would be remiss without mentioning how Herb once again showed himself to be a true gentleman, presenting cupcakes for myself and Stephanie as thanks for hosting the swap. Now that's sweet! But read on for a little spice too, with Herb's easy recipe for Quick Salsa below.

Herb and his favorite kitchen tool
Name: Herb Williams

Home (+ hometown swap): St. Louis originally, but San Francisco is home.

How did you first get involved in food swapping? How long ago? I've been swapping for a couple of years at various venues in the bay area.

What did you make for the last food swap and what inspired your choice? Pulled pork, it was just something I had a feeling to do. I just think of what I want to make to express a bit about me and my likes.

What’s your favorite thing about swapping? To me swapping can be like an acting class in high school...a way to break the ice and meet people, being a single man you have to take your chances when and where they might appear.

Who or what most influences your cooking? My mom was a great cook in her day, and growing up the oldest I watched her and learned from her, I still call her to ask about things in the kitchen.

The makings of a mean salsa

What’s your favorite kitchen tool? I use my food processor a lot.

Your current flavor or ingredient obsession? Asian! From Thai to Indian, I love coconut, curries and chutneys.

Biggest food surprise? The rise of food trucks on one end and the lack of quick inexpensive breakfast pop-ups is surprising. I have in mind to try my hand at seeing if that would be a viable offering to the current scene.

If the Rapture came tomorrow, what would your last meal on earth be? I love pasta! It's something I enjoy to make myself and not pay for when I eat out, mainly spaghetti with a nice rich and meaty tomato sauce.

When I'm not in the kitchen I'm… watching too much TV, in the gym, visiting friends, grilling and chillin'.

Favorite local food experience: Restaurants that allow b.y.o.b.! Food and wine events that happen in the Bay Area. I've gone to Sunset magazine’s yearly event a few times.

Recipe by Herb:

Grab your chips!
Quick (Chevy's like) Salsa

1 large can of whole tomatoes
2 roasted till blackened jalapenos, remove some seeds to your liking
1 small brown onion, quartered
1 hand full of cilantro
2 cloves of garlic
1 juiced lime
Salt to taste
Ground chipotle (optional)

Pulse in a food processor to your liking, I like it to be semi-chunky.

Serve or store for a week.

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  1. Herbs salsa is SO good! I have been eating it for the past two days. Bigger jars please!